Air-con is really a modern marvel. It offers our families with convenience in the event the temperatures rise throughout the summer months. For some of us, we don’t even assume with regards to the sophisticated technique at function that enables an air conditioner to complete it is really magic aircon repair singapore. Even so, there comes a time in every single homeowner’s life when the magic stops happening, and its normally through the best, most inconvenient occasions.

The great news is always that not each individual air conditioner problem demands the expenditure of contacting an experienced HVAC Technician. That has a minor steering and inspiration, most homeowners can resolve some widespread air conditioner malfunctions and possess their device up and running again.

Not merely will you avoid wasting dollars, you’ll certainly be a hero to the household. Then again, you’ll find repairs that require the schooling and expertise in skilled qualified. In no way do you have to sacrifice your individual safety, or the basic safety of the spouse and children, as you are stubborn and low-cost. In this post we will examine some prevalent repairs and options that you just can perform on your own air conditioning system, together with those that are best still left to the industry experts.

Your Air Conditioner Won’t Activate

It is very hot exterior, you flip on the on the air conditioner, and almost nothing occurs. No chilly air is coming in the vents as well as the condenser is not really powering on.


Numerous periods individuals you should not glimpse with the temperature over the thermostat and start to stress once the home isn’t going to get started to chill instantly. The answer is easy, change the thermostat down about 5 levels. If this is often the issue, the condenser will kick on as well as the cooling cycle will commence. If this doesn’t resolve your challenge, it is time to move on for the circuit breaker.

Circuit Breaker

Central air con methods take in large amounts of electricity, and may excursion the circuit breaker, stopping the program from running. This is certainly very true in more mature households. If adjusting the thermostat has not solved your difficulty, go outside the house towards the condenser device and find the circuit breaker box beside it. Open the door, and look at the breaker. Should the circuit has actually been tripped, reset it. Future, go to the home’s circuit breaker and ensure that not one of the circuits are damaged. At the time all breakers have already been reset, return for the thermostat and turn over the cooling cycle yet again. If this has not solved your challenge, it may well be time for you to contact a specialist.

If your air conditioner will not turn on once you tried out the above mentioned methods, your problem might be a lot more major. A broken compressor or motor, also can quit your AC from functioning and will have to be serviced by an authorized HVAC technician.